Who we are

Campus Fellowship is a college ministry in the Omaha area that is united in our pursuit to glorify Christ and embrace His Word. We want to serve our fellow students, faculty, and staff with the love of Christ we’ve received.

Campus Fellowship is a ministry of Candlewood Church. Founded over 20 years ago, Candlewood Church is committed to fulfilling its mission of loving God and others, building strong families, helping people realize their potential, caring for our community, and communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ..

Guiding Principles

For Christ.

Campus Fellowship exists to know and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Lord of all things and our only hope in life and death. This we know and believe through His word, the Bible.

For His Church.

Campus Fellowship exists for the church. We believe that God’s universal church is organized in local congregations and is God’s primary witness to this world.

For UNO.

Campus Fellowship exists to love, equip, and engage students for the betterment of UNO. We seek to develop a community where people are loved like family, built up, and united for a greater good.

For Culture.

Campus Fellowship exists to give a vision of cultural renewal, where Christ is at the center of everything we do. We desire to seek the betterment of our families, neighbors, and cities; showing God's love to the world.